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| Sunday, February 11, 2007

Produced by Peter Chan, directed by Derek Yee, Protege held its press conference at Beijing yesterday. Andy Lau, Daniel Wu and Ho Mei Tian attended. Due to schedule problems, Louis Koo and Zhang Jingchu failed to attend.

There was a scene in the movie whereby Zhang was bitten by more than 40 rats after her death, Andy whom is scared of rats was asked on how he feel about that scene? He gave out a delightful expression and said: "I was not around when shooting that scene. I've to stress here, no matter how good the script is or how much the fees are, I will reject all offers to collaborate with rats!"

When asked if anyone currently in showbiz could replace him? Andy pretend to be angry and said: "I'm still around! I'm still staying here, I'm not leaving! (burst into laughters) Maybe the current Hong Kong market had changed to not as wide as the past, thus newcomers has fewer chances. Currently only slightly more than 20 movies are produced in Hong Kong per year, even an experienced actor like me are still acting in movies, there will be fewer chances for newcomers to make a name for themselves."

Daniel whom had a racy sex scene with Zhang in the movie, when asked if he feel nervous when shooting, he said happily: "I'm not nervous! I've many past experience, what's there to be nervous of! She's the one nervous. We started discussing on this scene when we met for the first day to prepare ourselves. We clear the set during shooting and manage to settle within one take."

Meanwhile, he feel nervous when acting opposite Andy, he said: "When I first saw Andy, I think he's not human! He's god! So scary! After one week, I then look Andy as a person like me, from my own eyes seeing then I could understand, he still need to eat, drink, he's no different from us!"

Meanwhile, Protege also held its premiere at Beijing two nights ago. Andy showed off his big brother charisma to lead Daniel, Louis and Ho onto the red carpet as if he's still the drug lord in the movie, he also performed the task of coordinating, this allow him to enjoy the joy of being the big brother, he even said to the audience: "All of you listen up, I would think watching this movie 10 times is considered many times!"

news from: SingPao