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| Sunday, February 11, 2007

Protege currently held its press conference in Beijing. Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Ho Mei Ting and director Derek Yee attended as they faced the media from different countries to promote the movie.

With regards to his performance in the movie, Andy express that he's serious when acting every movie, if he's not recognised for his acting, he would try to improve in his next movie, most importantly he must work hard. In Protege, he's the drug lord which is a big challenge for him as he considered his image to be more challenging than the fatso image in Love On A Diet.

It was said that he had a breakthrough in acitng for the movie, he expressed that he worked hard as usual to his previous movies, when he collected the script he discussed with the director for a long time as the director is worried that his looks could not accomodate the character thus they discuss on his image, the director also gave me a counselling session before shooting starts, Andy said: "Hope my mentality could really become 50 years old."

When talked about the coming Valentines Day, Andy expressed that he had applied leave to go home, he said: "Although shooting for Ci Ma would continues during the Chinese New Year holidays, but I was already given 5 days of leave to go home to celebrate Chinese New Year." When asked whom would he spend Valentines Day with, Andy quipped: "For Valentines Day, I'll be in Hong Kong, whom to spend with, nobody at the moment."

From Valentines Day, he was asked about April's Fool Day. When talked about 1 April, he sounds serious as he said: "Ever since Leslie Cheung's incident, Hong Kong showbiz don't talked about 1 April as April's Fool Day, it's a day of depression."

news from: yule.sohu.com, SingTao News