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| Friday, February 02, 2007

"The Andy Lau this time round is different, I really work hard to act out this character, if you asked me to grade myself, I would give myself 99 marks." When interviewed by reporters earlier, Andy grade himself high marks for his performance in Protege but he also expressed that he maintain his bottom line for a villain, that is the villain must die in the end.

A collaboration of Derek Yee and Peter Chan, Protege will opens in the cinema in the middle of this month, Andy tarnish his image to become drug lord Brother Kun.

From the earlier Lee Rock to the later Infernal Affairs, Andy had played a drug lord several times. Due to so many times, it's kind of sick to be a drug lord again. "For long period, it's rather difficult to shoot this kind of movie, I'm not sure what I'm acting. Because I'm a gangster for so many times, people will started to feel that you're suitable to be a gangster, but I hope to tell everyone that Andy know how to become other characters too."

However, Andy still get attracted by this Brother Kun character. Andy describe his character: "For every scenes of Brother Kun, he's one middle-aged character whom had seen everything in this world. As a drug lord, he's very successful but he's a failure being a man. He's truly the man whom shoulder the fate of his family, but does not have the understanding of his loved ones." Andy said that this character gave him a large space to develop, he could completely fall into the story and show off a completely different Andy Lau.

Andy express that after shooting, he feel that he and Brother Kun had combined into one, but he has his own bottom line for a villain as the villain must die. "Especially the scene when Brother Kun committed suicide, suddenly I could feel the sudden hopeless and end of road sorrow! How could it possible that I'm acting! I can gurantee till today, I would still teared even though I've watched it for so many times." Although touched by the character, Andy still insist on his own principles, he said: "I've my own principle - when I'm a villain, he must die. From what I see, real life is more important that movie, I don't wish that my movie would affect the lives of children. Adults could differ Andy Lau as a person from his character in movies, but kids could not. Till today, the villain roles that I accepted are not those classical cold blooded character."

news from: yule.sohu.com