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| Monday, January 29, 2007

Andy Lau won 3 awards at RTHK 29th Top 10 Mandarin Hit Song music award ceremony which is considered not a bad result, he also helped Leo Ku to pick up his award, thus showing off the gentleman side of him.

This happened because after Leo collected his Joint-4-Stations presented Media Award, he went to sing his song, as he forget to wear his ear-phone thus he leave his award by the side of the stage. After singing his song, Leo need to attend to the champagne opening ceremony and toast with guests and he forget to pick up his award. On seeing the situation, Andy pick up the award for him to prevent people from kicking it away. Andy then squeezed himself into the crowd to pass the award back to Leo whom thanked the helpful Andy.

Andy exclaimed that he's satisfied with his results and he expressed that he would go back to shoot his movie and start recording for his new Mandarin album slated to be released in July. Andy expressed that releasing this non-love song album (Voice), he hope that with his idol identity he could encourage teenager to work harder. With regards to the theme of his next album, he had not thought of it but one of the songs would be a specially wrote theme song for Jet Li's $1 charity foundation, there will also be theme song for movie and commerical, it won't be an album with a single theme.

He will be holding his concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in December, he expressed: "I've already sent in my application, it's being processed, 80% would be during the Christmas holidays, it would be at least 18 nights."

In addition, Andy's fans were seen queuing up over midnight at the ground floor of Andy World Club's building as Andy would be having a private gathering after attending the award ceremony.

news from: Sina.com, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, SingPao