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| Monday, January 29, 2007

Protege which will open in the cinemas during the Lunar New Year is a movie with drugs as its theme. In order to obtain the realistic effect, director Derek Yee lead the male leads - Andy Lau and Daniel Wu for location shooting at the Golden Triangle. Both of them were shocked after seeing the opium plantation with their own eyes.

In the movie, Andy is a drug lord whom want to retire thus bring his trusted helper Ah Lek (Daniel) to Thailand's Golden Triangle to show him his business secrets. Andy explains his Brother Kun character, he said: "In the world of drug trafficking, you cannot find a trusted friend, Brother Kun never trusted anyone until Ah Lek appears, he followed Kun for 8 years, Kun only shows his true self to Lek whom can be considered as Kun's only friend."

As the Golden Triangle is always a mystery, to be able to location shooting there, Andy and Daniel were very excited but they were told later that the opium plantation was man-made as it was made up by 6,000 opium plants a day prior to the shooting. Both of them exclaimed: "It looked so real!"

Daniel added: "The local farmers earned a living by these opium plants in the past, when they see how we manufacture drugs from the plant, they exclaimed that it looked realistic!"

Derek revealed that he once thought of location shooting at the real drug production location - Golden Crescent but the approval would be difficult to get and would also be life endangering thus he decided to location shooting at the Golden Triangle instead. Derek said: "At least when we talked about Golden Triangle, the audience would know that it's related to drugs."

Meanwhile, Protege was premiere in a new 5-star cineplex's opening ceremony in Zhengzhou. It gathers good response as many audience exclaimed: "Although it's common for Hong Kong movies to talk about drugs but never before a movie like Protege to describe drugs in such a detailed manner." The audience also had high praise of Andy's performance, he said: "This is the best performance of Andy, it better his performance in Infernal Affairs."

news from: SingTao News, Ming Pao, Sina.com