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| Friday, January 26, 2007

On 25 January, Protege held its first nationwide premiere in Zhuhai, its shocking story send shock waves to many.

The movie is a movie that bring one into the world of drugs, it show audience the truth of drugs. It has a cast of 5 megastars in Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Anita Yuen and Zhang Jingchu. The movie narrates the ultimate truth of drugs, it even has location shooting at the "Golden Triangle", and close distance with the opium plant, audience will understand everything about drugs.

Andy take up the role of Brother Kun whom on the surface owning a small business but in the background is a drug lord of a huge drug trafficking empire. Kun had always being careful as he carried out his trafficking activities a secret, because in the world of drugs, it's impossible to find a trust worthy friend, Kun never trusted anyone until the appearance of Lek. Daniel's character - Lek had been following Kun for many years, he was trusted by Kun, he's the only one whom could get close contact with Kun's family and people from the organisation. Lek has been following Kun for 8 years before winning Kun's trust. One day, Kun decided to call it a day and has intention of passing his business to Lek, thus he begin to teach Lek how his business work, he personally bring Lek to his Thailand's Golden Triangle to carry out his trafficking activities. Louis and Zhang are husband and wife in the movie, both are
hard-core drug addicts, horrible father Louis asked his 3-years-old to sell drugs for him. Zhang whom want to free herself from drugs get into a love relationship with Daniel......

The movie idea came from a real case in 1995, it clearly shows the full process of drug transaction. The movie has a human narration of drug trafficking, drug addicts and police's mole, the characters are realistic, with the actors' outstanding performance, this is a shocking movie.

After the premiere, all managers of cinema express that the movie is shocking and it's a movie not to be missed. A cinema manager from Guangdong express: "The Protege has a twisting story, the cast is huge, believed it will be a favorite movie when it's screened during Valentine Day." The manager from Shanghai expressed that comparing the movie with Confession Of Pain, Protege has a more interesting and shocking story, it's more commercialise than Confession of Pain. He said: "Confession of Pain attracted many young audience, Protege would attract a wider group of audience, it's a movie that would attract male audience. However with Hollywood movie A Night in the Museum also to be screened during Valentine Day, thus it would be a fierce competition."

The movie's film distributor in Mainland China is confidence of the movie as he express that under the pressure of The Curse of the Golden Flower, Confession of Pain managed to collect $80000,000 at the box office and won good reviews, its previous release of Initial D, The Myth, Dragon Tiger Gate also gained good results, this shows that the company had accumulated successful releases of Hong Kong movies. The Protege would be the big release during Valentine Day and Lunar New Year period, thus the company is collaborating with Hong Kong side to arrange the cast to attend premieres and meet-the-fans sessions in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in order to draw in the crowds to improve the box office collection, the promotion of the movie had started.

news from: tom.com