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| Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Both Andy Lau's Protege (14 Feb) and Leon Lai's The Matrimony (8 Feb) will be screened in the middle of February. Before any official promotion started, both camps of fans had already started an online war of words.

Ever since the poster of Protege where Andy was standing while holding onto a hompy flower on his back, it is so much similar to The Matrimony's poster where Leon was also standing while holding a golden tree branch on his back.

Both camps of fans are quoting one poster copying another poster on the Internet. Leon's fans were asking why a hompy flower was used in the poster where Andy's fans replied that it was used as the theme of the movie was anti-drugs, it is an exchanges of words.

The Matrimony's producer expressed that he had not seen Protege's poster before but since both movies are of different themes, thus there's no need of arguement.

news from: MingPao, sina.com