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| Friday, March 30, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau discovered that his photographs were used on the box of a DVD player in Mainland China, image of him was also used in the power on screen of the player, the instruction manual used 'Andy Lau, you're my pride, (DVD brand) you're my pride', 'Andy Lau You're My Pride concert photographs' and Andy's autographs, thus he had filed a lawsuit against the DVD player company, product distributing company and a certain television company as he request the companies to apologise on all newspaper in Mainland China and seeking $2000,000 renminbi financial compensation, $100,000 renminbi emotional compensation and $100,000 other miscellaneous compensation.

Andy's representative pointed out in court that the company had seriously violated his image infringement, demoted Andy's image usage in commercial value. The case is still undergoing, but both parties agreed on an out-of-court settlement.

news from: Sun News, SingPao