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| Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yang Li Juan from Lanzhou whom had idolise Andy Lau for 13 years, she was been told off by Andy before that she should not used up the finance of her parents to satisfy her chasing idol dream and was tagged as "unfilial". She and her parents lend money for a chance to meet Andy in person. Andy is kind enough to have a close contact photograph taken with Yang Li Juan, as they did not meet alone in private, her father wrote a 20-pages will before committing suicide by jumping into the sea. Yang wanted to meet Andy again even she had to use a large amount of money as she wanted Andy to know that she is not unfilial.

Yang's father committed suicide at Tsim Sha Tsui, after investigation from the police show that Yang and her parent came to Hong Kong and their visa had expired. Yang and her mother were detained in police station 2 nights ago before arranging them to the mortuary, they were brought to the custom to extend their stay for another 2 days. Yang and her mother seek help from the media in hope to meet Andy again. As both of them does not have much money left, reporters paid for their stay in a hotel in Marsh Road.

With regards to Yang's 67-years-old father's death, 29-years-old Yang feel that it's not worth it as she said at her father's funeral: "Dad, you're still sitting with me yesterday and you left me today, why?" Yang's favorite song of Andy are 'Bing Yu', 'He Zi Qing Yuan' and 'Deng Ni Wang Le Wo Shi Shui' as their lyrics resemble her current feelings.

Despite her father's death, Yang's mind is still fill with images of Andy, she sighs: "I just wanted to see Andy and tell him that I'm not unfilial, this is my dream and also my father's dream." She said ever since she dream of Andy some 13 years ago, she felt that Andy is like her family member and hope to meet him, she would be satisfied to have a short conversation and not married to Andy, it's a pity that she could not fulfill this small wish of her, now it even cost the life of her father.

In actual fact, Yang had used up her parents' finance for the past 13 years just to meet Andy. Her father sold away their house, the family is bankrupt. However, Yang is unhappy that Andy told her off as being unfilial, in order to make herself clear to Andy, they took high loan to Hong Kong for the third time. They stayed in a hotel in Yau Ma Tei, due to their constraint finance, they begin to seek a place to stay for the next 2 days. When they first touch down to Hong Kong, they rushed to the Andy World Club office to express their wish to meet Andy whom the staff replied that they would be contacted soon, fearing that they request would not be entertained, they rushed to the government office to send a letter to the Chief Executive Donlad Tsang hoping through government arrangement to get their request entertained. Andy World Club then contacted them to arrange a date to meet Andy.

Yang was arranged to participate in the birthday gathering on 25 March, the Yang family was delighted as Yang got the chance as other fans to take a photograph with Andy and say a few words to him. When told, Yang's father was very angry as the family spent the night at a 24-hours fast food restaurant. When Yang and her mother woke up, her father was missing and left behind a 12-pages will. They reported to the police and manage to find her father's body.

Meanwhile, when reporters tried to contact Andy, his company gave an official statement from Andy. It wrote that Andy had already fulfill Yang's request to meet her on 25 March 2007. When being informed of her father's death, he had sent someone to meet Yang and her mother to provide suitable assistance and regards, with regards to abnormal request from Yang, he would not entertain. What Yang should do is to return to her hometown and start a new life.

news from: Sina.com