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| Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Hong Kong premiere of Blue Wolf: To the Ends of the Earth and the Sea, a movie about Genghis Khan was held on 21 March where the cast Takashi Sorimachi, Ara and director Shinichiro Sawai were present.

Before the premiere began, a group of fans already gathered for the arrival of Sorimachi. When Sorimachi appeared, they were attracted by his eyes and handsome looks. A red carpet ceremony was arranged, towards the end of the ceremony, a special guest appeared and caused an uproar from the crowd as Andy Lau specially appeared to show his support for good friend Sorimachi.

Sorimachi was shocked when he saw Andy as he never expected that Andy would appeared suddenly. Sorimachi said that he would like to collaborate with Andy again after collaborating with him in Fulltime Killer 6 years ago.

news from: ent.163.com