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| Monday, March 26, 2007

Andy Lau whom had earlier injured one of his left hand's finger during the location shooting in Shanghai, then he was worried that it would result that he could not bowl again, however he's on the road of recovery after a qi-gong master from the crew member help him.

When Andy returned to Hong Kong, he went for an X-ray and the doctor express that he only suffered slight injury which is nothing to be worried, it will self recovery within 2 weeks but the doctor remind Andy not to carry heavy stuffs and exercise that would affect his injury to prevent his finger to suffer further damage.

However, Andy did not listen to the doctor's advice as he met his friend Michael Mui and Kent Cheng for bowling at Whampoa. Wearing sports gear and a hat to hide his shaven head, Andy concentrate on bowling as he shows off his nifty skills and outstanding results of several strikes with Michael, Kent and those present applause to Andy's performance, it seems that his injury has no effect on him. There were times that Andy lose standard and didn't get a strike, he immediately seek advice with Michael on his positioning and footsteps. Andy was serious when he bowls.

When discover reporters taking photographs, he waved back at the reporters, Ng Ka Lok also met up with Andy for bowling.

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Sun News