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| Monday, May 21, 2007

Andy Lau whom was location shooting in Mainland China for Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon continue to use his sponge figure as his representative to answer the allegations that he was injured during shooting.

In his website, it can be seen that Andy tailor a shirt for the sponge figure and his "bloodied" hand which is the makeup required for shooting, Andy said: "Allegations are one of the things in the world that one should not believe." It can be seen that Andy has a smooth and successful shooting.

In addition, there's reports in Mainland China that after Cecilia Cheung gave birth, she would collaborate with Andy to shoot a Mainland China's kungfu film titled 'Zhong Hua Da Zhan Fu', it will narrates a martial arts husband and wife getting along with each other. The report stated that Cecilia would gave birth early July and shooting would start in September in Beijing. However, Andy replied through his assistant to deny this piece of news.

Note: Click here for more photographs and actual Andy's posting

news from: Oriental Daily News