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| Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Organized by Taipei FM107.7 and Hit FM, Hito 100 Celebrities D.I.Y caps Auction will be held from 5 - 15 September 2007, each cap will have a starting bid price of a dollar, all earnings of this auction will be donated to Chung Hwa Children Organization Children Care Association to be used as its consultation fees, hoping to do some part to help the children.

It had been two months since the auction had approached celebrities to D.I.Y their caps. Andy Lau, Jay Chou, A*mei, Wang Li-hom, Stefanie Sun Yanzi, Elva Hsiao, S.H.E, May and many other heavenly kings and queens do their part for this charity event, although some of the celebrities' drawings are primary school level, some are worried that their drawing are not presentable, however their sincerity is shown.

For the best effect, many celebrities brought the cap home to draw on their free time. Andy changed from the traditional way of leaving his signature, instead he drew a "hua" stamp on the cap.

Bid for Andy's D.I.Y cap here

news from: Sina.com