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| Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In showbiz, Andy Lau is a "forever idol", he still maintain his handsome face, however there are 3 "secrets" on his face!

As his age increases, Andy's face doesn't seems to leave any trace of aging but rather added maturity, he exclaimed that unless work required, he would rather goes without makeup, he said: "After 40 years old, the crew members would request me to makeup before going on camera, but the more makeup I applied, the older I looked."

Maybe due to makeup, seldom people know that on the top left corner of Andy's mouth, there are 3 moles, one of the mole's color is getting darker for the past 3-4 months which made him notice the presence of this mole. The reason why nobody discover is due to covered up by makeup and removed by computer, there's no trace of the mole in the album cover of A Miracle World. While touching the mole, Andy quipped: "This mole should not be on a man's face!" When asked if he's worried that the mole would be an indication of illness? Andy answered with his eyes wide open: "Really? Think I should go see doctor."

During the interview, Andy show us his mole, he said: "There is 3 moles above my lips, 2 moles faded, whereas one is getting darker." Andy doesn't mind it as he like to leave it naturally, but he don't understand as he says: "Very strange, that mole is always digitally removed for my photographs in commercials."

The second secret that Andy revealed "white hair" grew out of nowhere in the area between his eye brows. Up till now, nobody except himself knew about this, he said: "I does not know it myself too, I only discover it around 10 years ago." The white hair will grow every 3-4 days, Andy will always pluck it out.

Other than white hair growing in the area between his eye brows, Andy also disclose that he would have white moustache on his chin, during the shooting of A Battle of Wits, Andy kept a mostache where one patch would be white, the crew member had to dye that patch black.

It's said that white hair was the cause of troubles, when asked if Andy is troubled? He quipped: "I don't have huge troubles but small troubles, like performance not perfect, does not act well, didn't remember my song's lyrics well, but it would go away within 3-4 days."

news from: Liberty Times, China Daily Times