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| Tuesday, August 14, 2007

During this year's Mother's Day, Andy Lau was location shooting in Dunhuang, as he's unable to go back home to visit his mother, he sewed a sponge figure named Andox to send his regards to his mother. In the press conferences of his just released album - A Miracle World, Andox appeared as special guest which became the highlight and snatched the limelight away from Andy whom also admitted that he had become a "mother" and he introduce Andox's background.

After his press conference, he was interviewed by Sohu and Andy was given a "photograph" of an "angel ox" as a life partner for Andox. Andy accepted the "photograph" and was excited that the angel ox become Andox's girlfriend.

A few days later, Andy was once again being interviewed by Sohu and this time round, the angel ox figure with wings was created and presented to Andy whom appeared surprised, he then asked his crew member if they brought Andox along as he would like Andox to be photographed with the angel ox, however Andox didn't tagged along with Andy.

However, Andy accepted the angel ox figure as he prepared to bring it home, thus Andy and Sohu become in-laws, the angel ox had married into a good family to become Andy's "daughter-in-law", it's such a happy news.

news from: Sohu.com