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| Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Andy Lau's Mainland China concert tour had come to its last stop at Chengdu, since the start of the concert the fans were already very enthusiastic, until the encore segment where it's going to be the last song and dance, everybody stand up and rushed towards the stage.

One particular male fan even break free from the police defence line and managed to get onto the stage to shake hand and gave flowers to Andy.

When the security and ploice noticed that somebody managed to get onto the stage and grab hold onto Andy, they immediately went onto the stage to stop him as they tried to dragged him away. On seeing some many securities surrounding the fan.

Andy asked them not to take force against the fan, without thinking he jumped off the stage to protect that fan, it resulted a chaos as all crew member and securities rushed towards the stage to protect Andy, it resulted that Andy could not carry on singing as he personally bring that fan back onto the stage and urge the securities and police not to take force before he continue his performance on stage.

It is believed that Andy is the only singer in the world that care-less of his safety to jump off the stage to rescue the fan.

After returning to the stage, the audience continued their screaming as they looked Andy as a hero, they kept screaming "Wah Zai I Love You", upon seeing Andy jumping off from such a high stage and safely returning to the stage, furthermore could continue to sing and dance, it shows that he didn't injured himself. Andy said on stage: "I know these securities and policemen are out of good for you, apologize to let all of you worry, I'm okay! I'm very good!"

Then he followed to guide the fans, "There is rules for concert, no matter how enthusiastic the fans are, I also hope that you remember the importance of safety, there's no need to rushed forward and do anything against the rules, if all of you love me and support me, I knew all of that, if you want to get close to me is not difficult, join Andy World Club, we can always meet in my fan club gathering! Please don't use any un-safe methods to make me worry and also made the securities and policemen in a difficult position."

After the concert ended, Andy initially thought he could celebrate the success of his last stop, however such matter spolit his feelings. He said: "When I see the fan being pushed and hit by the policemen, I was shell shocked, I immediately asked them to stop but nobody listen to me, thus I jumped off the stage.

The fan had done wrong as he should not break the defence line and come onto the stage, maybe he did this as he supported me, I'm worried what the securities would do to punish him, thus I jumped off the stage and tell them to let this matter goes, just forgive him once." Andy said that he knew that many fans will be worried upon seeing him jumped off the stage, it also scared several crew members, thinking back it's quite risky on his part, luckily he's not injured.

He quipped: "When the concert just started, I just promise the fans that I'll take good care of myself as I would not do any dangerous stunts, unexpectedly until the encore I performed a dangerous stunt, it must have scared the 60,000 audience, I apologize for that!"

news from: Sina.com