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| Friday, November 02, 2007

On 31 October, Andy Lau had arrived in Bejing to prepare and rehearse for his Beijing concert of his Mainland China tour.

In this Beijing show, he invited 2 special performers, these 2 special performers are the winners of this year's CCTV dance competition Ma Li and Yi Xiao Wei.

Being the ambassador to the Paralympic Games Games, he had participated in several activities and he get to meet both of them and watched their performance. He was moved by their sincere and motivation.

He also admired their exciting performance thus he invited them to perform in his Beijing concert and will dance for him when he sing 'Wo He Wo Zui Zu De Mong'.

Xiao Wei and Ma Li lost their leg and hand when they had car accident when they were 4 and 19 years old respectively. When they joined the CCTV dance competition in April 2007, their outstanding performance shocked and surprised the whole country.

As the weather of Beijing is close to zero degree, Andy was wearing thick clothings, a scarf round his neck and wearing a snow hat during rehearsal, he quipped: "It seems to be colder than when I'm in Harbin, what can I do when it's so cold?" Meanwhile, the dancers wore only thin dance costume which surprised Andy as he said: "Upon seeing them, I'm not afraid of the cold, they danced very well, to be able to collaborate with them is an honor, I hope not only I support them, people around the world will also support them and allow them to continue dancing and brighten up their life, also seize the chance to encourage the other disabled people not to give up! There are many different path in life, if you try hard to experience it, it will be exciting!"

Meanwhile, a new poster for Warlords had been revealed and it was heard that the music video premiere of The Warlords will be held in Beijing on 3 November where director Peter Chan, Andy and Xu Jinglei will be in attendance. The song of the same name was wrote by Andy and he exclaimed that he loved the film too much till he wrote the song, he hope to tell everyone that it's a great movie through this song.

news from: Sina.com