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| Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Andy Lau's second night concert was held at Shanghai earlier whereby a bunch of "brothers" from Hong Kong and Shanghai which includ Michael Miu and wife Jamie Chik, Felix Wong, Ken Tong, Kent Cheng, Lam Ka Tung, Eddie Ng, Wang Zhiwen and Crystal Huang.

In the film Brothers, Crystal collaborate with Andy for the first time and it was her first time sitting in the first row to watch a concert. After the concert, an excited Crystal said: "Although the temperature is dropping but on seeing the enthusiasm of the fans and the "brothers" of more than 30 years friendship, I feel warm. This is not just a concert but also a friends gathering."

The concert started around 7:30 pm and last for 2.5 hours. Around 11:00 pm, Andy set up a crab feast for his friends in a 5-star hotel ball room. Crystal gave Andy a bouquet of flowers which surprised Andy.

Crystal express: "Many thanks to Andy for giving me the first row VIP tickets, and thanked him for giving me the chance to participated in Brothers, it allowed me to learn many things, and I was lucky to witness the friendship of the 4 Tigers. This friendship is more meaningful than the box office takings and awards."

In addition, crazy fan Yang Lijuan's mother was in Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry to pay respect to her husband. The mother than went to Avenue of Star and saw Andy's hand print, she became agitated and used a stick to hit Andy's name, spit and burn newspaper on it, she stayed for one hour before leaving. The management of Avenue of Stars checked that the hand print was not damaged thus would not pursuit the matter.

news from: Sina.com