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| Monday, October 29, 2007

Two consecutive nights of Andy Lau Wonderful World Mainland China concert tour 2007 at Shanghai which is a sold out of 80,000 strong audience. Andy expressed that he was very excited as he had never performed before 80,000 people, he had only previously performed to 70,000 people. He requested all the audience to applause in order for him to experience the effect.

Although Andy did performed flying stunts in the previous 12 shows but accidents do happen as Andy as the cow herd to meet the girl weaver, hanging on wires in mid-air, 20 feet above ground, he was singing 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian' and making a 360 degree spin, he was left stranded in mid-air as one of his legs got entangled with the silk, it looked dangerous but Andy didn't get nervous as he balance himself before landing onto the stage.

For the second danger moment was when Andy singing 'Shi Quan Shi Mei', he skidded and bumped onto one of the dancers and almost resulting him to fall from the 20 feet high stage, the female dancer was in time to stretch her leg to rescue Andy but she does not have enough strength but in terms Andy helped her to balance.

Deanie Ip and Lam Ka Tung were there to lend their support, although it was earlier alleged that Deanie is seriously ill but she still looked fresh thus dissolving the allegation that she was having difficulties moving around.

Andy even address Deanie as "mother" on stage as he talked about love to her, he said: "I'm a star, I've many things that I could not do, but I will tell her face-to-face I Love You."

Andy also quipped that if he could be Andy Lau in his next life, he hope that everyone would not forget him. He also joked that he was told that he would be called a "unlucky fellow" in his next life and would bother the fans.

He quipped: "I hope all of you would find your loved one, if I get married one day, would all of you still come to watch my concert?" Instead the fans asked Andy to treat them meals.

The organizer of the concert takes security as high priority as he was told not to have close contact with the fans when standing on the 9 feet high mini-stage but wanting to get close to his fans, he defy the orders. Luckily the fans did not do any dangerous action that would put Andy in danger, thus Andy plan to get closer to the fans next time round.

Due to the fans' enthusiasm, Andy sang encore for 10 minutes but the audience still refuse to leave as they continue to shout for encore. Andy had no choice but to get onto the stage again as he quipped: "I'm paid to come here to perform, are all of you coming for my life?"

With regards to many tried to record his concert illegally, Andy expressed after the concert: "If their intention is not for illegal purposes, if just normal filming is fine, I've did my best but I didn't received 200 tapes."

When talked about Deanie Ip, Andy does not believe that he was seriously ill.

With regards to not being nominated for the Best Actor in this year's Golden Horse Film Awards, Andy expressed that he was not disappointed as every film awards have different judging panel, he said: "Next time I would shoot films that would fit their taste."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News