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| Friday, November 02, 2007

Two nights ago was Eason Chan's 8th night concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Many friends from showbiz which includes Eric Suen, Lam Ka Tung, Nicholas Tze, Eric Kwok and Grace Ip were there to support him.

Even special performing artist Andy Lau was seating among the audience before he came onto the stage.

Around 11:00pm, Andy moved from the audience to the backstage area and he made an appearance during the encore segment. When Eason introduce Andy onto the stage, all the audience stand up and they duet 'Wo Heng Wo Ci Xin'.

They hugged each other 3 times, at times they also kneel, bow at each other. Andy sing praise of Eason's performance.

During Andy's concert in Shanghai earlier, his wires got entangled and he was left hanging in mid-air, Eason said: "How could mine compared to Andy! He kept flying around in the sky and even got stuck in Shanghai!"

Andy revealed that he initially wanted to come and watch Eason the night earlier but he could not get any tickets thus he could only appear on this particular night. Andy quipped when he's hugging Eason, "I wish I could just push him away!"

When Andy went off the stage, he quipped that he's going to invite Hacken Lee to come onto the stage. Eason then wish Andy had a successful concert.

news from: Sing Pao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ming Pao, Sina.com