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| Sunday, November 04, 2007

Directed by Peter Chan, the Warlords held its online game of the same name contract signing and film's music video premiere in Beijing yesterday afternoon. The film investors, director Peter Chan, Andy Lau and Xu Jinglei attended the event. It attracted several media reporters, fans and gaming fans to attend the event to show their support.

The venue installed a huge LED screen to broadcast the grand music video, Andy sang the theme song, the fans screamed out loud to bring the atmosphere to a high. Andy exclaimed that he love the film so much that it gave him the idea to write this song, he hope that everyone would know that the film is good to watch and nice to hear. With his love for films, Andy is still happy no matter how tough the shooting is, as Peter is a perfectionist, thus it allows him to improve himself.

Andy quipped that after looking at his character's image, he still think that he looked handsome as Xu Jinglei kept laughing.

According to Andy, the actors get to cry several times in the film. He said: "There are crying of joy, blame oneself after betray brothers, cried as feel sad after being betrayed by brothers. Anyway, this is the film that the 3 actors had cried the most time, I also don't understand why the director want the 3 actors to cry here and there."

There is a fan whom went onto the stage to imitate Andy's voice to sing the song, his performance won the applause of those present.

In addition, before attending the event, Andy held his concert at Beijing as he maintain his style of the previous shows as he bring up the atmosphere with dances and song. The female dancer whom was so into her performance that she expose her underwear and also have a hot close body dance with Andy which excited the fans. Andy also continue to use all the tricks up his sleeve as he lift up his shirt to reveal his abs which the fans replied with screams. After the Beijing stop, Andy will set off to Taizhou, Zhejiang and Chengdu before returning to Hong Kong. He will re-start his world tour in 2008.

news from: SingPao, China Daily Times, Sina.com