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| Monday, October 29, 2007

Within a short period of screening in the cinemas, the box office taking of Brothers had exceeded $2,000,0000, even foreign films do not do so well, no wonder Andy always thanked his fans' support during his November concert tour. However, other than the fans, Andy would also like to thank Hong Kong director Johnnie To! According to the understanding of reporters, Andy's investment to shoot Brothers is a result of a joke by Johnnie as he said: "Three directors collaborated to shoot a new film for our friendship, if the 5 Tigers were to collaborate in a film, it would be a hit!"

It is understand that several heavyweight Hong Kong directors Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam were TVB contracted directors, similarly to the TVB 5 Tigers, they go their separate ways for their own career to become Hong Kong local fledging directors. They seldom get to meet until 5 years ago when Tsui Hark suggested that the 3 of them collaborate for their 30 years friendship. In early 2005, the 3 directors met and discuss to shoot Triangle. During that period, Andy get to meet Johnnie and get to crack the above mentioned joke to Andy which attract his interest as he think that if the "TVB directors" can collaborate, why "TVB Tigers" could not collaborate? Therefore, the Tigers could celebrate their 16 years friendship and gathered together thus resulting to Brothers. During the shooting of Brothers, Johnnie also dropped by the shooting venue to discuss with the director and actors thus the film show some images of Johnnie's film. Of course Andy thanked Johnnie thus he return the favor by attended the press conference of Brothers.

In addition, the reporters understand from Andy and the director that the film look into the action of a person's character when into their extreme conditions thus there are not much fighting nor gun battles, this makes Andy think that Brothers is a hero theme film, but due to the theme Brothers is a category IIB film thus several young fans could not watch the film in the cinema, but the film is not restricted in Mainland China, some other related products will also be released soon.

news from: Sina.com