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| Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Andy Lau whom will perform for 12 consecutive nights from 21 December 2007 to 1 January 2008 at the Hong Kong Coliseum, held the concert's 6-figure amount press conference at Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.

The stage was decorated like outer space, after an animation of a space capsule landed on Earth, Andy made an appearance as an astronaut walking out from a space capsule symbolizing returning to Hong Kong to perform.

Then the dancers teared open his astronaut outfit to reveal the neat western suit as he started to chat with the host.

Andy quipped that during his tour in different provinces of Mainland China, he had experience very hot and very cold weather, he had prepared to be a normal astronaut.

He quipped: "The stage in Mainland china is 30 meters wide, I've walked around it more than 100 times, the temperature ranges from 30 degree to minus 5 degrees, sometimes its cold sometimes its hot, I may get the chance to become Hong Kong's first astronaut!"

During the press conference, it was reported that Andy made records during his concert tour in Mainland China as he drank $100,000 worth of vocal enhancement tea and sang for a total of 2160 minutes in 12 shows, Andy quipped: "Correct, the tea cost $6,000 each, it not only improve vocal but also my body. I've drank it for 8 years, it allows my voice to recover quickly, it will come back after drinking it."

The ticket sales will only begin tomorrow but it was already fully booked in internal sale as the sponsor took quite a large number of tickets, even the host asked Andy how to get a ticket? Andy quipped: "I quarrel with my dad, we're not staying together, really many people kept asking me if I have tickets, please don't bother me again, some fans even want to come to work at the fan club, if I have the ability, I would give them my dad's ticket."

Andy exclaimed: "If I have 10 more days of slots for me to add 10 additional shows, then it's possible for me to distribute the tickets, but for additional show it must be added at one go, cannot break up because I don't want my fans to go through the tough process of queuing."

He had submitted his request to the government as he hope the Coliseum could give him more slots, he quipped: "Hope I could add another 15 shows to equal my number of shows in 2004."

Andy stressed that for his Hong Kong concerts, it would be different from the Mainland China shows in terms of costume as it would be more magical.

Andy was presented a necklace worth $380,000 to represent his high status.

He was also sponsored a ring bearing the concert's logo by the sponsor company (MaBelle Leo Brilliance).

When asked if he would be wearing jewelry during the performance. Andy express that the sponsor have a 9 karats diamond at his disposal, Andy said: "I'm not sure what to do with it, earing will be a problem without guarantee that it won't dropped, if lost it I would need to compensate the company." When asked why he need to worry about the compensation with the high fees he would be collecting, Andy quipped: "We're not talking about money here."

In addition, Brothers had been doing well in Mainland China's box office as it managed to collect $12600,000 within 3 days of screening as it's doing better than Ratatouille and this shows the box office drawing power of Andy.

When told of the good news, a delightful Andy expressed that he appreciate the audience's support as he revealed that he would duet with Eason Chan the theme song of Brothers at his upcoming Beijing concert to thanks the fans support!

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Sun News, SingPao, yule.sohu.com, Sina.com