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| Monday, October 22, 2007

Andy Lau invested film - Brothers which officially open in the cinemas on 18 October, its first day box office collection had exceeded $1 million (a total of $1.5 million), it had since exceeded $2 million. Audience whom had watched the film had sing praise of the 4 Tigers performance especially Michael Miu and Eason Chan where the audience applause their performance.

It was commented that Eason's acting had improved and surprised the audience, even producer Andy said: "He is a man who's looking forward in life in the film, but after making trouble he gone into a state of fear and loss, his mentality is complicated, I feel that Eason acted very well, he stand a chance of winning a Best Actor award."

Upon hearing what Andy had said, Michael asked him: "So I did not acted well?" Andy replied: "Michael's good acting is for all to see, this time his acting is multi-layered and with depth, he's splendid."

Michael also sing praise of Eason's acting as he said: "Eason is full of potential, he get into the film easily, I'm delighted to be able to collaborate with him, I really think that he's my younger brother."

After hearing the praise from Andy and Michael, a modest Eason said: "It depends on whether anyone give me a chance to act, award is secondary, most importantly is a happy collaboration, as brothers with Michael, his acting is full of charisma, I learn a lot from him."

Eason whom always hope for a gun battle on film got his wish finally, the scene involved himself, Michael and Andy. Eason said that Andy and Micheal were so serious during the shooting as he also got nervous just by watching them. Eason hoped that he would have chance to collaborate with Andy and Michael again.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sun News