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| Friday, November 09, 2007

Andy Lau would be holding his Wonderful World 2007 concerts in Hong Kong next month, the ticket sales for the 15 shows had been good, the internal sales had been fully booked whereby the tickets for public sale had been sold out immediately. Andy had to apologize to fans for the lack of tickets.

Unexpectedly even people from triads had started to enter the fight for tickets. It is known from Andy's crew members, concert organizer Media Asia had received threatening calls requesting for purchase of large number of concert tickets, it's like they're trying to battle it out with the touts ticket market!

An insider said: "Whenever they called, they would said that they wanted tickets, buying up whatever tickets remaining, be it the expensive or cheap tickets, the person also revealed that he's from the triad, told us not to put him in a difficult position, anyway it's so scary!"

Although the ticket sales for the concerts had been doing well, but there are no more slots in the Hong Kong Coliseum for additional shows, due to this, tout tickets would be able to make money thus even triad members joined in. Although such calls kept coming in but Andy is still unaware of this incident.

The insider said: "Andy is currently touring in Mainland China, we does not like to bother him, in addition to the previous stop in Changchun where many fans whom failed to buy tickets and set fire at the venue which already made Andy worried that other fans or his crew members would get hurt, to prevent this incident from affecting his performance, he was not told of it."

news from: stars.zaobao.com