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| Saturday, January 12, 2008

Directed by Peter Chan and a cast of Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Xu Jinglei, The Warlords will premiere in Korea on 30 January. In Korea, it will have a different Chinese title - 'Min Jiang'.

Since premiering in Hong Kong, Mainland China and South East Asia countries on 13 December 2007, The Warlords had been doing very well in its box office takings, other than becoming the box office champion in Mainland China, it had also create a craze in many South East Asia countries. Calculating its box office takings, there is a possibility that it would break Korea's box office record set by Zhang Yimou's Hero in 2002.

Among the three male leads, the Korean audience are most familiar with Andy as other than promoting his movies there, Andy had also be a representative for Chinese films in Pusan International Film Festival, Jet's Fearless was also popular when screened in Korea. Thus The Warlords could continue what Lust,Caution had done to become the talking point in 2008.

Due to the popularity of Andy, there is already a craze before its premiere as the film distributor earlier had released a video with the cast's interview which had become a popular streaming video in Korea's Internet.

news from: Sina.com, ent.qq.com