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| Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Warlords is the box office champion, Andy Lau's 16 nights concert had successfully completed. Since 1997, hardworking Andy was laughing from start to the end, he is Hong Kong's box office actor in the past 10 years. In 2008, Andy decided to give himself a break as starting 6 January he would be having a 2 months holiday in Greece. When he returns in April, his new film Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be screened throughout Asia. When interviewed, hardworking role model Andy reveal that he did went to see a shrink due to the Yang Lijuan incident.

In those years, among the 4 heavenly kings, Jacky Cheung can sing, Aaron Kwok can dance, Leon Lai is stylish, whereas Andy is in an embarrassing situation as he fair normally in all areas. 20 years later, heavenly kings are history but Andy is getting stronger and stronger.

When he came to Shanghai at the end of 2007, Andy wore black together with Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro, comparing height and martial arts, Andy did not have any advantage, but he's professional enough as he know how to show off his own charisma among the stars.

When interviewed, Andy went a little crazy as he jokes and scold people on the stage. He said that he was Er Hu 10 years ago as he stress a lot on brotherhood, but he won't be so silly now.

He knew his own limitation, that is he don't know how to act, he said that director Peter Chan loved Takeshi Kaneshiro. "Some people is secretive, I'm born openly, I love to run on the field." When he heard reporters said the above statement, Andy smile as he had been used to open and public life.

In showbiz for 26 years, he had more than 120 films to his name, released more than 60 music albums. At the beginning of this year, 3 of his films - Protege, The Warlords and Brothers made into the top 10 box office films, Andy was then presented 2007 box office actor by the Hong Kong Film Association. A Hong Kong film magazine did a box office calculation between 1997 and 2007, Andy accumulated a total of $5.7 billion, more than Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Jackie Chan to become Hong Kong box office actor in the last 10 years.

With regards to his box office drawing power, Andy said that quite a number of films came knocking his door and he bare the responsibility of the box office for several films, he said: "I knew why they approached me, I'm also not that silly, I wanted to find some challenge for myself, I'm not so silly just to help that draw some box office collection."

Born poor, he graduated from artiste training classes together with Tony, he only studied till secondary school. As there were negative news of him when he started off, thus he's always hardworking and have a upgrade mentality, he become his own boss, be an actor, singer and producer, he's the Hong Kong spirit in Hong Kong showbiz. In Golden Chicken 2, Andy was chosen by the director to become Hong Kong's Chief Executive, he was encouraged by many, if it's another person, the person might not withstand this "1 minute" Top Executive scene.

Currently, Andy stayed at Kandoorie Hill, when young he stay under the mountain, he always looked up to the place where Bruce Lee and Sam Hui stayed, then Andy vows that he would be staying up the mountain. Now he got his wish come true, had his own bungalow, he had his own garden and his own car park.

Staying next to him is Sandra Ng and husband Peter Chan but they seldom contact each other. Before The Warlords, Peter never approached Andy to cast him in his films, he once worked in Andy's company. When Andy invested his own films, he did approach Peter to be his director but was rejected thus Andy had an impression that "Peter does not like him." Andy would always greet Peter when he met him in the car park, he would also go and greet Peter's parents.

But an idol don't always win the hearts of everyone. He said: "I know he does not like me, I feel that he won't cast me in any of his films, he feel that I'm a poor actor, I don't know how to act." Andy is referring to Peter as he's an artistic film director.

When Peter cast Andy in The Warlords, he asked Andy: "These few years, what medicine you took, out of a sudden you know how to act?" Andy then replied: "These few years, what medicine you ate, finally learn how to cast actor in your film?" Peter than refer Andy as "McDonalds" as many people like to eat it, it's too general, people will get addicted to it. "He used 20 years to convince those people whom does not believe and like him. He used the same model, accepting one film after another and improving with each film. This is not hardworking but determination."

After being seen through by Peter, this is Andy's philosophy in showbiz. Being an actor and singer, his singing was criticise by many. Andy mind the comments but does not feel bad as what he wanted to do is "when people criticize me, then I'll carry on singing, it doesn't matter and continue singing. If you don't like me, good, it doesn't matter as I'll sing till you like me."

Till now, Andy still have high exposure, he joked that he would not follow Tony and Takeshi Kaneshiro to be secretive, Andy will go bowling when he has time. With hundreds of onlookers, mostly teenagers, he still finish his game of bowling before leaving a few minutes to take photographs and autograph for the fans. "This does not affect my bowling, if these teenagers does not like me anymore, it's time I call it a day!"

Till the end, he's a winner. Just like what Peter Chan had said: "Doing the same thing all the time, if there's improvement, the standard will change, Andy Lau is the current standard."

news from:yule.sohu.com