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| Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Andy Lau's Focus First Cut had made Mainland China director Ning Hao, recently there is reports in Mainland China that there will be a "Andy Lau's next Ning Hao and Shu Jia Yin recruitment", it said that Focus Fight organized by Andy's Focus Film to recruit new talents, new film Love AA Grade (literally translated) and its male lead Shu Jia Yin is a product of the mentioned recruitment. A poster was produced with contact numbers and email address.

The recruitment is to recruit new directors, actors and scriptwriters, Andy would also appear in their productions without any conditions, there's also a possibility of Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige as the production's producer. However Andy's Focus Film made a statement that Love AA Grade and Shu Jia Yin had no connection with Focus Fight as they will go ahead and investigate any copyright infringement.

The statements released by Focus Film are as followed:

1. The film Love AA Grade and Shu Jia Yin had no connection with Focus Film. This film is not a production of the company in 2008, and not one of the films in Focus Fight project. Therefore, any matters related to the film including investment or casting is not related to the company.

2. With regards to actual information about Focus Fight, you can visit the official Focus Fight website at www.focusfight.com

news from: Apple Daily News, Wei Wen Po