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| Friday, March 21, 2008

Earlier Mainland China Disabled Love Ambassador Andy Lau specially made a trip to Beijing to shoot a charity commerical. Andy wrote Olympic Games song Everyone Is No. 1 which is touching and encourage disabled sportsmen to boost their confidence for the upcoming 2008 Paralympic Games. Thus, the Mainland China Disabled Association used this song as its background music and invite Andy to shoot the commercial, in hope that Andy's healthy image will help urge more people to join thus more people would respect disabled sportsmen. This commerical will be broadcast in CCTV and other TV stations. Andy and other Mainland China celebrities will attend the gala dinner at Qingdao on 16 May.

The Chinese Paralympic Games training base was selected for the location of shooting. On the day of shooting, the director introduce the disabled sportsmen that will be starring opposite Andy, he's not an unknown as he's Song Cheng Tao, the 25.3 seconds record holder of the 200 meters Paralympic Games between 1996 - 2004, he just retired last year. With regards to his retirement, Song said: "I'm actually disappointed that I'm unable to take part in this year's Paralympic Games but to be able to get the chance to shoot this commercial with Andy Lau and do my part for the disabled sportsmen and allow more people to understand the fighting spirit of the sportsmen, I delighted to do so!" When asked of his record for 100 meters dash, Andy quipped: "My best record is 11.3 seconds!" Everyone sing praise of Andy's record, Andy then added: "It was 20 years ago, now I would need 13 seconds." Then Andy turn to Song and quipped: "Later you don't run too fast!"

In order to show the respect to disabled sportsmen internationally, the director find actors of different skin color, translator was also seen on the shooting site. When the actors failed to understand the director's instructor, an experienced Andy double up as translator to tell the actors the director's instructions, he also help up with the studio's lightings. As it was early March during the shooting, the weather is still very cold, thus the actors and Andy whom were in singlets immediately rushed to wear thermal wear during breaks. The shooting end at 2 am. In the commercial, Andy does not act as a disabled sportman but one whom race with the disabled sportsmen to tell everyone that we're the same, Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be equally exciting.

Andy said that after he got contact with the disabled sportsmen in Hong Kong, he started to finance them for competition and show them support by being present in their competition. When asked of his feelings. he became excited and said that they are great and earned his respect.

With regards to being invited to shoot this commercial, Andy said: "I'm able to do this charity activity for the Paralympic Games and become their Ambassador, I hope that I could do more things for them." After finish shooting this commercial, Andy will be going for shooting of his new movie, he also reveal that he hope to bring his fan club members to Beijing to show support to the sportsmen in September.

news from: ent.qq.com