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| Monday, March 17, 2008

Directed by Daniel Lee, Andy Lau and Maggie Q's Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will open in the cinema on 3 April. In the film, Andy is Zhao Zilong who is the general who had helped Liu Bei won countless battles, as he will act the character from young till old, thus it's yet another challenge for his acting.

When the director was asked why Andy was approached for the role, Daniel sing high praise of Andy: "Andy gave people a feeling that's he's Zhao Zilong as the way he walk is full of charisma, he gave a all conquering feeling. Andy also leave an impression of "loyal", he's also very rightful, thus from the inside and outside, he's just the living Zhao Zilong."

When told of the praise that Daniel said about him, a modest Andy said: "Zhao Zilong live for others all his life, when he receive an order, he does not mind risking his life. Ha ha. Of course I will not risk my life, but I also live for everyone as I won't disappoint the anticipation of everybody."

When asked if he encountered any difficulties during shooting, Andy answered: "I only feel that it's funny, there's no areas being difficult. Maybe being I'm an actor, I could not see the difficulties faced by the production team." Andy exclaimed that the toughest scene to shoot was the scene that he rescued Ah Dou from thousands of troops alone, other than the tough movements, he also need to express the emotional expressions.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po