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| Monday, March 17, 2008

Starring Andy Lau, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon had finally passed the censorship board and was cleared to be screened in Mainland China's cinema from 3 April. Director Daniel Lee is full of confidence for the movie as he thinks Andy's performance in the movie is the most impressive and the large scale battle scenes will surely be an eye opening experience for the audience. From what was revealed by the production team, the spear used by Zhao Zilong worth as much as a Cadillac Luxury automobile.

The film draw its idea from Three Kingdom chapter 90 where Zhao Zilong is trapped on Feng Ming Hill. As per the suggestion of Andy, Daniel decide to include the part where Zhao Zilong rescue his master, from Chang Po to Feng Ming Hill, as it's a combination of Zhao Zilong's famous battles and his final battle, as it tried to be a film of Zhao Zilong's life. Other than Andy, the film also has Maggie Q, Jiang Hongbo, Summo Hung, Vanness Wu and Di Long.

Having a budget of $100 million, director Daniel Lee think that period film should be period perfect. Take for example the helmet and armor, they must be rough and pretty, it also should accommodate the appearance. It's heard that the spear that Zhao Zilong used worth as much as a Cadillac Luxury automobile. Daniel expressed that when creating this spear, Oriental arts language is used, he had confidence that when audience watch the film in cinema, audience will immediately recognized it as Zhao Zilong's most important weapon, we the price of a Cadillac Luxury automobile to create it, I think it's worth it!

In recent years, Andy had widen his range of acting as he seek breakthrough in his acting, if a script interest him, no matter it's a villain, fat or skinny, handsome or ugly, young or old, he will take all of them. In this film, he will be a young handsome general until an aged white haired old general, he looked convincing in whatever role he's in, Andy quipped: "I'm not afraid of old, being natural will be not afraid of old."

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon was born with huge support by Andy, being familiar with Three Kingdom, he admired Zhao Zilong the most, of course he would fight to become Zhao Zilong in Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, having needed to be from a young to old Zhao Zilong, this allow "Zhao Zilong" fan Andy to satisfy his acting desire.

Andy narrates that when Zhao Zilong was young in the film, he wore all white and wear a white head scarf, carrying a huge sword, riding on the horse, handsome and full of charisma, it also carry some favor of a swordman. When he's old, wearing a helmet and armor, it's a different Zhao Zilong completely, the only similarity is his eyes. Andy said: "Even when Zhao Zilong is old, he's still a competitive general, thus his eyes still need to be filled with energy, one look at the enemy will give them fear, my eyes are the most terrific."

news from: Sina.com