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| Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Starring Andy Lau, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, since shooting started netizens had been discussing about the character's image, there has been another "loophole" found! www.67.com received an email from a netizen that a bottle of Pepsi was found near the legs of a brave Zhao Yun killing his enemies, it's rather hard to believe.

The netizen exclaimed: "There's a loophole photograph, I got it from a friend working in showbiz, it's so funny thus I'm giving you the exclusive." When opening the attachment, it show a close up taken photograph of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy's Zhao Yun was wearing an armor battling away with his enemies, behind him was soldiers armed with spears, it seems to be the scene when Zhao Yun was surrounded by enemies. Surprisingly, a half filled bottle of Pepsi Cola was found in the sand, it seems that the modern props had appeared on the battlefield during the Three Kingdom period.

Mr. Zhao, the person in-charge of Beijing Poly-bona Film Publishing Co. Ltd expressed after he received the photograph that he would only give an answer after some investigation. After 10 minutes, he said that this photograph could be from Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, as it's a close up photograph, it should not be the works of paparazzi, although "this should not had happen" but more investigation will be carried out.

news from: post.ent.tom.com