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| Monday, March 31, 2008

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be officially screened in the cinemas on 3 April, director Daniel Lee specially extract a segment that few would notice from the original novel - 70-years-old undefeated general Zhao Zilong being ambushed, luckily being saved by the younger generations and bring us into the inner world of a hero. Daniel think that death is not the most painful thing for a hero, rather it's thinking back his life and whether it's worth it. Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon is the process of Zhao Zilong think about his life, the writer made use of Luo Ping-an's conversation with Zhao Zilong to ask questions about life and death, live for whom and battle for whom?

Daniel graduated from University of Windsor and majors in TV, movies, martial arts and painting, he was once an arts director and coordinator in TV station. In 1994, he directed his first movie What Price Survival which surprised all with its different style of shooting, he made his name in European market with Black Mask, the other movies that he directed includes A Fighter's Blues, Moonlight Express, Star Runner and Dragon Squad.

news from: Ming Pao