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| Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Andy Lau latest film, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon held its press conference and world premiere in Seoul yesterday as hundreds of media were present to report the event. Director Daniel Lee, Andy Lau, Maggie Q and Sumo Hung were present for the activities.

The special media premiere was held at 2:30 pm where Andy wore a coffee colored jacket with jeans while Maggie Q wore a purple mini-skirt with golden jacket.

At the 4:30 pm press conference, Andy wore a white shirt with black pants while Maggie Q wore a carbon gray dress.

At the 7:30 pm official premiere, Andy wore a red leather jacket with black T-shirt and pant, Maggie Q wore a black and white low cut blouse. Within 5 hours, both Andy and Maggie wore 3 different outfits.

Other than outfits, Andy and Maggie Q also compare their popularity, Maggie was all smiles and wave her hand wherever she goes, showing off Hollywood charisma. Meanwhile Andy appeared more next-door-friendly feeling as hundred of Andy World Club members (which includes 8 fans specially travel all the way from Taiwan) as they shouted at their top voice to allow him to enjoy heavenly king treatment, he seems to win over Maggie Q.

After the screening of the film, the media gave good reviews of the film. There is no flying around stunts like previous period films as everyone ride on horses during their war battles, killing enemies on horses is more when compared to killing enemies standing on the ground. Take example for the scene where Zhao Zilong tried to rescue Ah Dou from the Cao army camp, he fight the enemies himself as blood flows like a river, he even instruct his horse to kick the enemy, it won applause!

Sumo Hung played the "blood brother" of Zhao Zilong and also the art director of the fil,, no wonder he quipped during the press conference: "I and the director requested for more pay, later I discover that the money should have gone to Andy and Maggie Q." Maggie Q teared when she heard the praise from Sumo.

Maggie Q is Cao Cao's grand-daughter Cao Yin in the film, she admit that she is not familiar with Three Kingdom and could not communicate well in Mandarin, she put a lot of effort into this film as she learn martial arts and play the pi pa for the film as she transform herself into Cao Yin, she cried every night due to tiredness and told herself that she need to continue to work hard in the next day.

She displayed that female do not lose out to male spirit as every blow is to the skin during her fight with Andy, however it's a pity that she does not have much screen time in the film as she only appeared in the last 30 minutes of the film.

It was stated at the press conference that no private questions to be asked, the rule seems to be set because of the presence of Maggie Q as her name appeared in the recent Edison Chen sex scandal which limited her public appearance.

Meanwhile she did answer question on the scandal as she expressed that she does not know why her name is being dragged into the scandal when no photographs of her was found, she stressed that her photograph with Edison is not taken in his apartment. She also hope that everyone would show respect and understand the affected women as they are also the victims.

When comparing, Andy seems more friendly as he answer all questions posted to him. At the end of the press conference, Andy also help to move chairs and water bottles which surprised the fans and media. Before the end of the press conference, Andy also thank the media and bow to the media.

With regards to Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be screened at the same time with The Forbidden Kingdom, Andy said: "It makes me a little bit worry, but it's two complete different movies. I can do nothing if their box office taking is better than ours, it vice versa for them. I have done my best in the film, I hope the audience will watch both movies."

Meanwhile on the photograph of a bottle of Pepsi being found on the set, Andy express ed that he only drink green tea and seldom drink soft drinks, he never drank Pepsi at the film set thus the bottle of Pepsi could be leave behind by one of the crew member. Andy stressed: "Of course we clear the set before shooting, such silly mistake should not happen. This is one major production of the year, it show Zhao Yun from young to old, it's his final battle, it's also a challenge to my acting. I believed after the movie is screened, everybody will see a general whom had countless victories."

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