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| Thursday, March 27, 2008

Since April 2003, the gathering of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has started. After close to 5 years of gathering of songs which create the Olympic Games music, Chinese most talented musicians all participated in this activity. According to a Shanghai daily report, the Olympic theme song office had revealed 30 selected songs. With the Olympic Games 100 days away, the Olympic Games committee will soon hold a presentation award and announced the 25 nominated songs.

From the recent revealed gathered list, songs by Andy Lau, Sun Nan, Chris Yu Hung Ming, Emil Chou, Wang Feng, Zhou Bi Chang, Han Hong, Yu Quan, Joey yung, Nicholas Tse, Lin Xi, Mark Lui, Jacky Cheung and others were nominated. All songs had their own music video, the songs' tempo and images are full of excitement. All these songs and their music videos are selected, with regards to which song will be selected as the theme song to be sang throughout the world, it will be picked among the 25 nominated songs.

Written By Andy, Everyone is No. 1 is a touching and encouraging song. In the music video, he's an athletic who lost one of his leg in a car accident, he then wore artificial limbs to restart his "running life". The music video also includes some scenes of the Paralympic Games. Andy hope that with this song and music video, it will encourage more disabled people to stand up and also used the music video to tell everyone that with hard work, everyone is No. 1. Being idolized by many, he himself also has heroes and they are none other than those never give up disabled athletics, especially Mainland China's swimmer He Jun Guan who leaves him the deepest impression. Andy said: "I always cannot forget the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece, he lost both hands and still could swim faster than others, he always used his head to rebound himself from the wall of the swimming pool before continue swimming, I take my hats off for him."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News

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