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| Monday, March 24, 2008

Having upgraded herself to become an international star, Maggie Q would not involved in the promotion of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon in Hong Kong and Taiwan whereas she picked Korea. Maggie Q, Andy Lau, Sumo Hung and director Daniel Lee were in Seoul to promote Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. Maggie Q had an entourage of 7 person which include her manager, makeup artist and hairstylist, she was surrounded by a human wall thus getting close to her is not easy, she indeed have the style of an international star. Andy only have 4 person in his entourage, when compared for the "big star" factor, Andy lose out to Maggie Q.

It was said that Maggie Q's selective move of promoting the movie was due to avoiding sensitive questions being asked with regards to the recent Edison Chen sex scandal. During the press conference, Maggie Q only talked about the movie and avoid all questions regarding the scandal. She exclaimed that she engage a Mandarin teacher to solve her problems of communicating in Mandarin, another challenge during the shooting of the movie is the scene she fighting against Andy, it can be said to be her toughest challenge since she started acting. She added that the weather is a major issue during the location shooting at Dun Huang as a sandstorm came which resulted her unable to open her eyes but she still need to continue fighting.

During the earlier promotion in Hong Kong, Andy did express that the boss would be unhappy of Maggie Q's absence and said that it would be another form of promotion. Andy whom had Maggie Q by his side in Seoul once again explain for for with regards to her absence in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Andy said that Maggie Q is not trying to play the superstar card and believed that her manager had considered her work schedule thus she's unable to attend the promotions. When asked to compare his entourage of 4 to Maggie Q's 7, Andy quipped: "Tom Cruise has an entourage of 20 people! I actually witness the real big star factor, she's considered ok." Andy added that whether a person show off throw superstar card is how the person's attitude and Maggie is no such person. Andy whom had collaborated with Maggie Q in Magical Kitchen before, feel that she has no burden in her acting in the past, she show off what she like or dislike in an obvious way, she don't talk when she don't feel like talking, but it's not the case now.

Andy who had appeared in several major period productions recently which includes Battle of Wits, The Warlords and Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, he added that he would also like to appear in modern warmth story projects but no such scripts came to him. There's allegations that Andrew Lau is intending of pairing Andy and Jay Chou in a new movie? Andy exclaimed that Andrew had yet contacted him, he hope to collaborate with the actor that he like, take his collaboration with Tony Leung Chiu Wai in Infernal Affairs for example which sparkle.

When asked about Jay? Andy said that if Jay is to be the director and cast him in his movie, his answer would be "Yes!" When told that Jay once exclaimed that he would like to collaborate with Andy, Andy said: "I also want to collaborate with him, it's like a theme of 2 different singers or person from different areas." Andy anticipate Jay to direct another movie, he expressed that he would like to invest in movies again but Chinese films also need to consider other Asian market outside Hong Kong, thus being a boss would need time to think.

Andy describe Zhao Zilong as a "bodyguard" as he's always protecting someone, despite he know being made use of by Zhu Geliang, but he still continue to fight for him. Andy whom had read Three Kingdom since young exclaimed that his favorite character is actually Cao Cao but feel that he's a villain, the greatest of them all, but his downfall is his love of talent and too humanize.

When asked about the earlier leaked photograph of a bottle of Pepsi bottle under the foot of a battling Zhao Zilong, Andy said: "It should be a real photograph, actually the bottle of Pepsi is to help the director in positioning the actors and positioning the camera to them."

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