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| Sunday, March 23, 2008

Andy Lau was on holiday recently and he went Europe, recently he just return to work with the promotion of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon. For this European trip, Andy brought along his close "other half" with him, whether it include Carol Zhu Liqian is unknown, but both his "sons" Andox and Blackie accompanied their "mummy" for this happy holiday trip. Recently Andy posted some of the holiday photographs onto his blog (http://http//forum.awc618.com/showthread.php?t=5563)!

Andy's handsome look on a snow mountain, he also helped Andox and Blackie as he did a photo shoot in the snow, with the addition of 'Wu Jian Dao' lyrics. He also wore thermal clothings as he sat on the balcony to watch the beautiful snow sight, it appeared so relaxing.

Next is Andy's trip to Paris as there is a "missing act", he brought Andox and Blackie to the bra department of a department store to take photograph, Blackie wore a bra to look for Andox! Their European trip looked really exciting!

news from: Ming Pao