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| Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Recently Andy Lau is busy promoting Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, earlier he and director Daniel Lee was interviewed by cable TV station's entertainment news. Many film companies are interested in shooting films using Three Kingdom as theme, but to make it an epic is not easy, Daniel faced the same problems during shooting, he said: "Because the many of the audience know the end results of the battles, thus we need to put in more thoughts when shooting these scenes as we also need to attract their attention."

Andy revealed that there is a scene that is unforgettable for him, he said: "We shot the scene under heavy rain with thunder and lightings, I need to wear a scary mask, riding on horse to do battles with the enemies, as the rain made things slippery, my mask will go out of position upon wearing it, thus resulting to times that I could not see where I was going, I need to estimate the position of the enemies, actually it's rather dangerous."

news from: Apple Daily News, SingTao News