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| Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Andy Lau and Malaysian Carol Choo Liqian was alleged a couple for 23 years, both of them had always kept their relationship low profile as Carol is willing to be the underground lover of Andy. There are allegations that they are already married and have children, but Andy had always deny this allegation, recently this allegation is stirred up again. Carol's sister just got married in Malaysia days earlier and "brother-in-law" Andy attended the wedding dinner to send his blessings, he sang on the stage and also gave the couple some guidance as he remind the husband to love his wife, he also took photographs with the guests of the dinner. Thus the relationship re-surface again.

Yesterday, a Mainland China website reported that Andy and Carol registered their marriage in England around 1992 and Carol borne a twins in 1994, the daughters names are loosely named as "dai bai" and "xiao bai" (big and small white). Andy had sent his "daughters" whom are already 15 years old to study overseas (England) to avoid being discovered. However, the names given are more suitable as pets' names rather than names of the daughters of a superstar?

It is an open secret for the relationship between Andy and Carol, it always alleged that Andy had a daughter, however the sudden release of the twin daughters' photo which alleged to be the daughters of Andy and Carol in the Internet, the sources of the photographs are unknown.

With regards to the news, Andy replied through his assistant that he would not answer to the allegations. As Andy would be attending the recording for Jade Solid Gold tonight, he might explain the matter personally.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, SingTao News, yule.sohu.com