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| Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Next Sunday is Mother's Day, many filial children had made preparation to make it a happy day for their mothers. Earlier Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres and Telford Plaza joint-organized a Mother's Day Most Filial Son and Daughter Selection, a market survey to pick out the most filial son and daughters in the eyes of a mother.

Apple Daily News reporter went to gossip the result and till today, he had interview 300 mothers and in showbiz, Andy Lau currently have the highest votes with 40% of the total votes, most mothers feel that he's smart, obedient and filial. In second spot is Jacky Cheung with 36% of the total votes, both Jacky and Andy had gained almost 230 votes, when asked for filial son, these 2 names will come into the mind of mothers.

news from: Apple Daily News