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| Sunday, May 11, 2008

No matter how busy he is, every year Andy Lau will arrange time to accompany his parents for a holiday. With regards to the annual Mother's and Father's Day, of course he would also accompanied his parent to celebrate the day and gave them present. Last year's Mother's Day Andy personally sewn a figure Andox and Blackie for his mother, thus he became the "mother" of 2 sons, thus for this year, other than celebrating Mother's Day with his mother, Andy quipped that he could also enjoy the taste of celebrating Mother's Day himself.

Earlier Andy treat his mother to a dinner and gave her a cake in advance, he also specially took Andox and Blackie's photographs to take a family photo with his parents. Andy posted the photograph on his website and said that Mother's Day is the biggest day for mothers, "the mother of Andox and Blackie" included, Andy feel that: "It's so magical to have a Mother's Day belonging to myself." Andy added that no matter it's human or animal, there is no mother whom does not love their children, everybody should be touched and share how great a mother is, to show off how filial they are.

When asked which is the unforgettable day with his mother, he recalled the days when he was staying on Diamond Hill when he was young, he said: "During that time, our family opened an eatery store that sell porridge and noodles. I need to wake up at 4:30 am everyday to collect water in order for my mother to cook porridge, although we didn't communicate much then, but I feel that my mother is doing her part for the family, feel very heart warming."

news from: Apple Daily News, SingPao, Wei Wen Po