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| Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day is round the corner, talking about Mother's Day, believed many people adores Andy Lau, on 11 May 2007 Andy personally sewn Andox as he upgraded himself to be a "mother". This year's Mother's Day fall on 11 May as well, it will be Andox's 1st birthday, using the title as "Mother is the best in the world", he wrote a Mother's Day greeting on his personal blog and also seize the chance to talk about himself.

Talking about facts, Andy is indeed multi-talented as being in showbiz for so many years, he still maintain his high popularity, have good results in acting and singing, never knew handicraft is not a problem to him. He "gave birth" to Andox when he was location shooting in Gansu, it's unsure where he managed to find a sponge, with some cutting and sewing, a figure born within 2 days. In 2007 June, he went location shooting in Dunhuang, due to power failure, everyone stopped work, he "gave birth" to another black figure, thus he become the mother of 2 figures. The 2 figures came into good use, other than becoming the male leads of his blog, Andy also told fans that he would be using Andox and Blackie as his spokesmen. Recently Andy collaborate with local jeans label Blue Heroes and came out with a Departure series with Andox as its spokesman, venture into the fashion market, thus saying in the 1st anniversary of Andox, it's indeed a big day for Andy.

The white figure is Andox whom is going to celebrate his first birthday had already arranged a holiday leave for Andy to bring itself and Blackie for a holiday, the whole family will be go out to see the world.

Andox and Blackie kept shouting for mummy Lau. With Mother's Day round the corner, he used the 2 figures to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day, what a fortune family.

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