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| Monday, May 05, 2008

Hong Kong Youth Corsortium for Olympic Celebration held its Youth Spectacular 2008 at Hong Kong Stadium yesterday with Andy Lau, Peter Kam, Hacken Lee, Alex Fong, Zhou Bi Chang, Wong Li-hom and many other singers performing.

After the flag raising ceremony, Andy lead the 56 youth representatives and all audience to read the May 4th pledge. Andy expressed that initially he wanted to read it in Cantonese, but the compere told him to read in Putong Hua, although speak well in Putong Hua but without any preparation, he did does not want to make any mistakes as he immediately seek the correct pronunciation for some words with those standing beside him, because it would not be so nice to read wrongly. Andy sang Everyone is No. 1 at the event.

When talked about on the day when he was the torch bearer, his head was being hit by mobile phones. Andy denied it as he said that on-lookers would like to touch the torch and they have no means of injuring him. When asked if Andy would watch the recording of his torch bearing relay run, he quipped: "I'm scared to watch it, because the committee told me that I could not gel my hair, thus my hair looked so messy. Actually I didn't specially go and watch it, I don't think there is any part that need to be re-recorded. (The route that you took is the most crowded?) Tsim Sha Tsui is always very popular!"

When talked about one of the 5 Tigers Kent Tong would be marrying a woman from Qingdao, Andy expressed that he does not know that Kent is going to get marry as he's always low profile. Andy did asked the other tigers whom also does not know of the matter and also failed to contact Kent, maybe he would not want to trouble us. When asked if he would give him any wedding gift? Andy quipped: "I'll wait for him, maybe I'll help him shoot a fishball commercial."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News