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| Monday, May 12, 2008

Hong Kong heavenly king Andy made a secret trip to Malaysia on 10 May 2008 to attend Carol Zhu Liqian's sister's wedding dinner, he sang 2 songs to send his regards to the new couple, he made an appearance of less than 10 minutes before making a quick exit. Andy's appearance shows that he had a strong relationship with the Zhu family, the allegation of Carol being "the woman behind his back" almost got confirmed again.

Being in showbiz for 26 years, Andy's love life had been the attention of everyone, he always keep secret and deny of his allegations with Carol. However, with Andy specially jet to Malaysia to attend Carol's sister's wedding dinner, it somehow revealed his relationship with Carol.

Carol Zhu's sister Nica held her wedding dinner this past Saturday at 60 tables dinner at Berjaya Times Square's 14 storey's restaurant, family, friends and business friends were invited. For her sister's wedding, Carol specially flew in from Hong Kong to attend the dinner, with regards to whether Andy would appear became the talking point among the guests.

When the dinner started, only the family members of the couple were seem seated on the host tables, no sight of Andy. When everyone thought that Andy would not be appearing, he made a sudden appearance towards the end of the dinner around 11pm resulting a small commotion.

It's known that Andy had earlier expressed that he had work on hand thus he could not jet to Malaysia to attend the dinner, thus disappoint the couple. Never expected this is Andy's plan to give the couple a surprise. When Andy walked from behind the stage, he said a few lines of blessing words and sang 2 songs, one of them being 'Ru Guo You Yi Tian'.

According the guests, the friends of the couple from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan wrote a new song for them, and it was broadcast during the dinner, there was also scene of Andy recording the song inside the studio, the couple were touched into tears.

Carol whom has good contacts in showbiz, it was said that the local artistes occupied 2 tables in the dinner. Nica's husband is Philip Gan, a businessman in the construction trade.

Due to the relationship between Andy and Carol, the Zhu family held the dinner in a low profile manner as they only invite friends, friends from business and relatives, guests are requested to keep this a secret as they are not allow to reveal what happened in the dinner.

According to a guest whom does not wish to reveal his/her name, when Nica had her engagement last year, Andy also attended the event. Then, Andy told the couple that he could not personally come to the dinner to send his regards, but Andy made a surprise appearance at the dinner made the couple surprised.

It's alleged that Carol is pregnant but according to description of the guests, she does not looked like a pregnant woman. With regards to allegation that Andy had a daughter, the guests said that there was no sight of a little girl. The guests said that Carol and Nica looked rather alike, they dolled up very pretty for the night. However to avoid any allegation, Andy did not sit at the host table, he also did not have any contact with Carol.

The Malay waiter at the dinner expressed that Saturday's dinner was classified as a "top secret dinner" by the restaurant, all employees had to keep a secret, even when Hong Kong paparazzi got hold of the news, even when they tried to break into the dinner was stopped. As he does not want his name reported on the papers, the restaurant had instructed them no to reveal anything before the dinner, thus all staff had to put in their full concentration. He said: "It's the first time that many staffs saw Andy in person for the first time, he's very friendly." He also mentioned that the venue attracted many paparazzi from Hong Kong, but under the tight security, they had no way of making into the dinner to report and take photographs.

Another businessman revealed that Andy was welcome personally by the boss of Berjaya Times Square. He said that during the dinner, Andy's songs kept playing and there's introduction of Andy, other than Andy's songs, songs of Andy's favorite singers were also played, thus it's like a "mini Andy Lau fan gathering". He added: "Andy arrived around 8pm but only appeared around 11pm for his performance, the dinner ended around 12.30am."

Members of Andy World Club stressed Guang Ming Daily that Carol is not pregnant as everything is pure allegation. They said that they did rectified with Andy if Carol is pregnant, their reply from Andy was all were alleged reports from Hong Kong media. When asked if Andy is staying in Payathin apartment, they expressed that they're not sure.

Andy's specially came to attend Carol Zhu's sister wedding and sang 2 songs for the new couple, without any worries of the news being leaked, does it meant that Andy is well prepared to wed Carol? So is Carol married to Andy? Carol is pregnant with Andy's children? These are the answers that fans wanted to know, as Andy didn't want to answer or prove these questions, it had been more than 20 years from 1986 to 2008, it's alleged that both got married many times, even they born children, but Andy had denied everything.

When the reporter looked through the records, their data is thinner than a phone book, from the day they knew each other, Carol had been the focus of Hong Kong media, their relationship had been stirred up several times, the more it's stirred the more boring it became, the media than switched target.

Andy also went to a temple to donate money with Carol, thus their relationship become a hot topic again. Andy also tried to talk about his love relationship during his concerts to test the acceptance of the fans, it clearly show that Andy tries to slowly revealed his love relationship in hope that fans will naturally accept Carol.

This relationship had been an open secret in showbiz, but either the time is not ripe or there's other arrangement, what's being done is Andy's confession to the media that he "wish to be a good husband and good father", but with regards to his marriage he still kept it a secret.

Andy also expressed that he wanted to marry, but he would only reveal on his official website.

It's said that Andy arrived in Malaysia on 7 May and took the earliest flight back to Hong Kong on 11 May to make it in time to celebrate Mother's Day with his parents. According to what Andy World Club revealed to Guang Ming Daily, Andy was in Malaysia for private matters, thus no gathering was organized. They stressed that they only knew about Andy's arrival on Wednesday (7 May), it's believed that Carol travel along with him. "We knew Andy's motive of coming to Malaysia, thus we did not hinder his prefect holiday." They added that it would be the 20th anniversary of Andy World Club on 14 June, fans all over the world would jet to Hong Kong to celebrate the occasion.

news from: Guang Ming Daily, China Daily Times, SingTao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News