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| Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sichuan's province Wenchuan town was hit by an earthquake of magnitude-7.9 on Monday, millions had lost their lives and many other provinces suffered, the victims needed help badly as help came from all over the world. Other than Jackie Chan and Alfred Yeung immediately donate money to help the victims, many in showbiz which included Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Alfred Yeung, Kelly Chen, Jet Li, Nicholas Tse, Gillian Chung, Zhao Wei and Zhou Xun (according to the list published by Sina) also donated in order to do their bit to show support to the victims.

Yesterday, Andy posted a "deeply saddened" article in his personal website as he exclaimed that he become more depressed when he see the number of deaths jumped sharply!

Andy also wrote: "How can we face to this natural disaster one after another? Life and death is just a slight moment, this make one lose confidence in life ... I don't want to switch on the television set, the more I watched the more I'm depressed, the number of death kept increasing.... I prayed for them everyday, wishing disaster does not happen again, let the world have peace and remain beautiful..."

news from: HK headlines