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| Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild continued their meeting to discuss on the fund raising activities for the Sichuan earthquake victims last night, Gordon Chan revealed that a large scale fund raising gala show will be held on 1 June 2008, a venue inspection was conducted at POPTV ARENA and with regards to the list of performing artistes, it will be announced today and future fund raising activities will also be revealed.

Andy Lau had gathered Hong Kong Chamber of Films, Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers Limited, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild, Society of Cinematography (HK), Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association, Hong Kong Cinematography Lighting Association, Hong Kong Stuntman Association, IFPI, Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Ltd, Hong Kong Cinema & Theatrical Enterprises Association Ltd, The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, South China Film Industry Workers Union, Hong Kong Televisioners Association, Hong Kong & Macau Cinema and Theatrical Enterprise Association Ltd, Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories Motion Picture Industry Association Limited, Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong Limited, TVB, ATV, i-Cable, Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited, RTHK, Commercial Radio, Metro Radio, now.com to sent out representatives for this activity.

The guild and the different associations will be sending representatives to visit the victims on site, they would set off next week, Alan Tam will lead Joey Yung, Andy, Sammi Cheng and others to encourage the victims, they would also be appearing in 9 major shopping malls to collect donations, it would be a 7-years project where within the 7 years they would joined the children whom participated to do something for the victims.

Being tasked the job to gather people, around 3am yesterday, Andy express this gratitude to the people in Sichuan in his personal website. Andy wrote: "It's almost 10 days, miracles kept us believing that "We cannot be defeated!" The tremors wanted to shaken the task of the soldiers, the water wanted to flushed away the determinations of the family members, illness wanted to challenge the responsibilities of the medical staffs, one word - foget about it! 13 billion hearts are waiting to shoulder all the bad, 13 billion pairs of eyes are proof of a determined race, giving cheers to the affected site from inside and outside.... Andy send my gratitude to you!" Actually around evening on 19 May, Andy had already used his Buddhist name to write a heart sutra hoping the deceased victims to rest in peace.

Other than the encouragements, Andy also posted a photograph of a seriously disabled teenager crawled to the donation counter to donate despite his disability, it's very touching. Andy wrote: "The sun after the dark clouds are more warmth and beautiful," using the sentence to encourage everyone not to give up so easily.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News