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| Thursday, May 15, 2008

As the rescue work intensifies for the Sichuan earthquake, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild contacted TVB, ATV, RTHK, Commercial Radio and Metro Radio which sent a total of 20 representatives to attend a meeting to discuss on how they could do their part for the victims. After hours of discussion, they had decided to name their activity as "512 Concern Action" (literally translated), first thing they will be recording the theme song at RTHK tonight.

The committees members of the guild that attended include Eric Tsang, Alan Tam and Andy Lau as they urge all Hong Kong artistes to meet at RTHK between 9 pm to 12 midnight for recording of the song. The song used will be Beyond's 'Hai Kuo Tian Kong' where the lyrics will be re-composed by Wong Ka Keung and Andy, the singers will be wearing T-shirts with the wordings of "512 Concern Action" written by Kenny Bee.

They will be still continue to study how could they raise funds, examples are holding fund raising events this weekend at major shopping malls and they hope that all citizens would donate. Eric Tsang will be the host for this Saturday's TVB fund raising program as the guild will fully take part and support the event.

Being invited to write the lyrics for 512 Concern Action, Wong Ka Keung had already rushed out the lyrics within 24 hours as he had passed it to the organizer. With regards to the guild picked his brother Wong Ka Kui's composition 'Hai Kuo Tian Kong' as theme song, Ka Keung think that it's very suitable as everything goes for charity.

Other than Ka Keung, Andy Lau was also asked to write the lyrics, Ka Keung said: "It doesn't matter, the organizer will make their decision, anyway it's already enough to do my part for charity." He expressed that he wrote the lyrics in Chinese which is much simpler than Cantonese lyrics. Ka Keung whom had friends staying in Chongqing, with the earthquake, he was worried and kept sending SMS messages to his friend and finally managed to get in contact with his friend and been told of the seriousness of the earthquake which saddened him, especially those orphans but he could do nothing to help thus he would do all his best to help the victims.

After the guild meeting, Andy rushed off for the recording of Jade Solid Gold where Shirley Kwan, Hins Cheng, Jason Chan also attended the recording. Andy expressed that they only completed half the discussion as they would continue for more discussion. When asked about writing the lyrics for the theme song, he expressed that he's just one of them, it's not suitable to reveal other names. Since the earthquake, he immediately donated $1000,000, but he had to work in Qingdao on Saturday thus he's unable to attend the fund raising event on Saturday, thus he would pre-record a video to urge for donations.

Andy feel that the help to the victims will be a long process, like the illness, mental consultation, education and reconstruction of the buildings, take the previous Taiwan earthquake, it need 5-6 years before everything return to normal.

He think that most important now is to rescue people and not visiting them, even now the medical items are unable to be sent to the site, thus should not hinder normal rescue works.

He pointed out that artists can only play the role of moral support, the guild hope that to have a long time plan to help the victims.

Recently a magazine published news of him attending Carol Choo's sister wedding and described him as "brother-in-law", he quipped: "I won't answer questions on my private life."

With regards to the online alleged photographs of his 15-years-old twin daughters are actually photograph of a Singaporean pop group BY2, he said: "I don't understand why there are so many allegations and guesses, I think everyone should stop asking."

BY2 are a pop group whom are 16-years-old this year, they entered showbiz by joining singing training classes when they're 13-years-old. When reporters rectified with BY2 record company Ocean Butterflies, it's confirmed that the alleged photographs are BY2 when they're young. The promotion manager of Ocean Butterflies, Miss Hsu said: "We were surprised when we saw the published photographs, these photographs are BY2 when they are young, when they first joined the company, we did asked these photographs from their mother for our database. We're not sure how these photographs are leaked." Miss Hsu does not discard the possibility that the photographs are leaked from Ocean Butterflies, she said: "We are still investigating, maybe the photographs were distributed to other departments thus causing them to be leaked." When asked if the Mainland China office is trying to help BY2 gain some popularity by creating the news, Miss Hsu expressed: "Currently we are unable to contact our colleagues in Mainland China, thus we could not comment on this."

Currently BY2 are promoting their new song in Taiwan, initially an unknown group gained fame overnight, all thanks to their "alleged father".

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