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| Saturday, May 17, 2008

16 May, on the eve 18th China Disabled Persons' Day, "Marching into Special Olympics, Share the excitement, Concern on disaster site, Contribute Your Concern" (literally translated) large-scale gala was held at Qingdao. Andy Lau, José Carreras, Yu Kui Zhi, Yan Wei Wen, Tan Jing and Dai Yu Chen were among the performers.

They used their true love and kindness to express their gratitude towards the Beijing Special Olympics and the victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

In the gala, one of the world's Three Tenors - José Carreras from Spain sang his favorite 'O sole mio' (literally translated as My Sun) to show his support for the Chinese disabled sportsmen and wish the victims of the Sichuan earthquake could get out of harm and danger soon, their homeland rebuilt soon.

China disabled love ambassador Andy Lau also sang the theme song of the Beijing Special Olympics Everyone is No. 1 as his voice echoed in the beautiful Huiquan beach.

The gala also managed to raised $1.2 million for the earthquake victims.

news from: www.dzwww.com, sports.qq.com