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| Friday, May 16, 2008

In aid of fellow countrymen whom were affected by the earthquake in Sichuan, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild will be organizing 512 Love Concern Action as they hope to gather artistes from South-east Asia to participate. Even it's past 11pm two nights ago, the guild was still have urgent meeting on how to help the victims. The guild's director Alan Tam, Honorary Director Eric Tsang, Assistant Director Andy Lau and Eason Chan and many others had attended the meeting to discuss means of how to rise funds, till now the date of the event was not fixed yet.

After 2 hours of meeting, Alan and Andy came out to meet the awaiting media. Alan announced that the task of gathering artistes will be handled by Andy and a committee of 15 members will be formed which will include Andy, Eric, Jackie Chan, Eason, Gordon Chan Ka-Seung, John Shum Kin-Fun and 8 artistes (4 each) from Mainland China and Taiwan. The model of raising funds would be similar to 1:99 marathon during the SARS period. Alan stress that the main purpose is to do their best to raise fund, there would be no difference in which company belong to, because fellow countrymen are suffering, we cannot differentiate among ourselves. Alan said: "The country has problems, we shall not differentiate among ourselves and everyone should do their best."

Alan said that most importantly now the guild had to coordinate with the media and charity organizations to prepare the fund raising activities, before gathering the artistes of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to attend the fund raising activities. Currently the fellow countrymen in Sichuan required food and equipments, it would require 7 - 8 years before the site return to its original state, thus they hope to provide a longer help. When asked if there is a target for the fund raised, Alan expressed that the figure had not yet been fixed. When asked if artiste(s) will be send to the site to understand the situation, Alan said that there should send someone there, but understanding there are still tremors, the affected sites are not really accessible which sending someone there might hinder rescue works. Alan said if the Chinese government allows, he would send someone over, he said that currently nobody is having a tougher job than the Chinese President Wen.

Last night, the group of singers went into the recording studio to do a dry-run record the theme song of the fund raising activity without music which Andy re-wrote the lyrics for Beyond's 'Hai Kuo Tian Kong'. The Hong Kong side will be produced by Andy, Eason and Wong Ka Keung, Mainland China side will be produced by Jackie Chan whereas the Taiwanese side will be produced by Cheung Siu-Yin. The song will be sang in Mandarin. Andy had been entrusted by the committee to write the lyrics, he spend 2 hours of full concentration to write the lyrics.

Below is the lyrics of Andy re-wrote for 'Hai Kuo Tian Kong', the song is titled 'Chen Nuo' (literally translated as Promise).

原曲《海闊天空》 劉德華填詞

多少人 多少幸福被搶奪
塵埃沾滿了失落 的輪廓(情願是我)
不必說 你們背後還有我
一個你 一個我
前面越走一定會 越寬闊(你還有我)
我要你重獲 原來的生活
縱然山搖地破 也要安然渡過 有你有我
我要你重獲 原來的生活

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao