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| Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Andy Lau poured in money and efforts for the Sichuan earthquake victims, as he took the fastest time to write the lyrics for the fund raising theme song 'Chen Nuo' and also took part in the fund raising meetings with the guild.

In his blog he used his Buddhism nickname 'Hui Guo' as he copied bōrě bōluómìduō sumging in hope that the deceased victims of the Sichuan earthquake could rest in peace. He said: "Dear brothers and sisters, for everything that you worried, we as a family will continue to do our best and settle everything for you! Rest in peace ....."

Andy also pay tribute to the rescue force in andylau.com. In the post titled "noble", he wrote: "With this quake, it split the mountains, ground, roads, houses, but it left behind the noble race.... I feel upmost proud of you.... never forget it."

news from: Ming Pao